Free Gratitude Course

free gratitude course

How To Get Into Gratitude

I've been practising gratitude for many years, and along the way learnt that gratitude is more like a frequency.
It is an energetic gateway into those beautiful higher energies that we would like to feel all of the time. Being in those energies is being as close to the real nature of our souls, what I call the Soul State.
As consciousness is ascending, we are becoming less and less interested in leading miserable, unsatisfying lives and we are becoming more interested in learning how we can operate at a higher, happier, energetic level.
I believe that gratitude is the foundation for this.
So I've put together a free mini gratitude course for you, so that you can start to feel that beautiful elevated energy more consistently, and start to see the effect that has on your life. This course isn't going to be about things you 'should' do because it will make you feel better, I'm going to be teaching you things that you will actually want to do, to incorporate into your daily spiritual practice, so that you look forward to doing them. And you will feel the effects of doing these exercises profoundly and energetically. 
The topics incude:
What Gratitude Really Is
The Moment Is Your Muse
The Power Of Thank You
My Favourite Gratitude Practice
How To Project The Energy Of Gratitude Outwards
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